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Marjorie's Completely Irrelevant Site


This is a duck. His name is Bob the duck. Bob the duck says hello.

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I made a site because I felt like it. Now you may all rejoice. I like Daphne. Her mouth twitches. And her nose. It's funny. And cute. She looks like a bunny. I like bunnies. My friend Steve has a bunny.. he calls her Magic but I know that her real name is Mr. Hop Hop.

lol last time I went to Steve's though it was on New Year's and I proposed to Rob and spelled out "Daphne" in silly string and made out with a door. So..... yeah. I still like Daphne. I know lots of other people like Daphne too. Many of you like Daphne. Daphne is funny name, it is a tree. Trees are funny. They're cutting down all the trees in my yard and it looks really bad. The landscaper's name is Brian. My name is Marjorie. My head hurts. I owned a mouse in England named Moopy, but we called him Moopster the Poopster because he pooped so much.

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4/26/02- Huh?


This is a person. Her name is Daphne the person. Daphne the person says hello.

"I think you're very nice. I think twinkle's a nice word. So's viridian. I met a lady once who had an imaginary fish. "